• Davros Pro Head


    Building on the success of the original Davros head and customer feedback, the Davros Pro is made from aerospace-grade aluminium. It retro-fits to any tripod or shooting stick system with a 1/4” or 3/8” UNC thread. The patented Spartan magnetic attachment system enables hunters to exploit a stable platform to glass for long periods, using enhanced pan control, before swapping to their rifle in an instant. Two tension control levers operate the Davros Pro smoothly through a wide range of elevation, depression and cant adjustment to ensure a stable base for even the toughest shots at extreme mountain angles.

    Please note: Use of the Davros Head with third party equipment is at the user’s risk. Spartan Precision equipment does not accept responsibility for the failure of any products other than their own. Adapters are not included with this product and will need to be purchased separately.

    • Weight 220g / 7.8oz