• Yukon Advanced Optics Extend LRS -1000 LRF

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    Product Description

    The Yukon Extend LRS-1000 combines range and speed measuring functions in an extremely compact, lightweight and ergonomic soft touch sure-grip ABS plastic bodyshell.

    The rangefinder measures the distance in metres (m) or yards (y) to still or slow moving targets up to 1,000m away whilst speed is measured in either kilometres per hour (km/h) or metres per second (m/s) on moving targets travelling at between 5 and 300 km/h.

    The Extend LRS-1000 features 6.0x magnification, certified eye safe laser, high accuracy, short measurement time, low power consumption, auto power off, IPX5 water resistance and low battery indicator. The clear and compact target indicators and all screen inscriptions and icons are clear and compact so as not to obscure the target.

    Powered by a single 3v Lithium CR2 battery (not included) providing excellent cold weather performance, each Extend LRS-1000 is individually serial numbered and supplied with a secure detachable wrist strap and stylish carry case with integral belt loop.

    Technical Specification

    • dimensionsDimensions
      98x75x54 mm
    • Magnification Magnification
    • Field of View in Degrees FOV
    • Weight in grammes Weight
    • Lens Lens
    • Battery Type & Quantity Battery
      1x CR2
    • Pouch Case PouchCase
    • Range Range
    • Battery Life Battery Life
      3000 Activations
    • Operating Temperature Operating Temp
      -10°C - +45°C