• Tier One QD Cantilever Monomount


    QD Cantilever Monomount

    This is the quick detach version of the Cantilever Monomount - a true one-piece mount, milled from a solid billet of 7075 T6 aluminium on high end 5 axis CNC machines. 

    You will see improvements in accuracy, precision and repeatability as a result of the incredibly tight tolerances achieved in the manufacturing of this premium mount. 

    The key to accuracy in manufacture is to minimise the number of operations required to complete the machining process.

    By investing in new technology, we have been able to cut the number of operations required from eight to two. This means there is no accuracy loss due to re-setting for different operations and ultimately more accuracy down range for you, and greater repeatability for fine tuning your setup.

    As this mount was originally designed for elite military units it has been tested under incredibly demanding conditions. It's extremely tough, lightweight and will give you many years of faultless service.



    Manufactured from High Grade 7075T6 Aluminium
    Large scope clamping area to withstand heavy recoil
    Available in 30mm-34mm-35mm-36mm
    Mil-Spec 30 micron hard anodised finish
    Built in Anti-Cant bubble
    Bolt on accessory rails available for ring caps and saddle
    One Hit machining to ensure repeatability
    Supplied with Levelling Wedge to enable true bore to reticle alignment when setting optic
    Supplied in Hard Plastic Case complete with necessary Torx bits