• Tier One ATAC Bipod


    ATAC Bipod

    Ultra versatile, precision engineered rifle bipod for high performance shooting. 

    • Modular - change adapters and feet easily, in the field
    • Lightweight - 7075 alloy
    • Limitless positional versatility
    • Rock solid
    • Smooth-Cam QD
    • Silent Deploy


    Manufactured from 7075T6 aluminium alloy and carbon fiber. Lightweight, extremely hard wearing and providing a repeatable platform 


    Due to its advanced materials and weight saving construction the ATAC does the job of a much heavier bipod - a hallmark of all Tier One products.

    All weights available in the drop down. 180mm Carbon Picatinny: 12.875oz / 365g


    From ground to rail, Min/Max

    180mm: 70-245mm

    230mm: 90-340mm

    Max Width (Splay)

    180mm: 420mm

    230mm: 590mm

    Leg Movement 

    One of the most notable features of this groundbreaking bipod is its almost limitless positional versatility; the legs move independentaly of each other on 3 different axes - rake forward, splay, and extend - providing over 1200 different possible configurations. 

    This makes it adaptable to any situation - rocky terrain on a mountain hunt, quick positional changes for different barricades or match firing positions.

    Ultra wide or narrow stance, raked forward or vertical positioning with multiple height detentes and super smooth leg extension action. Legs snap into clearly defined, solid positions.

    Silent Deploy

    All movement can be carried out near silently - perfect for stalking/hunting where noise must be eliminated. 


    One bipod for every rifle: Fully interchangeable adapters, in both Arca and PIcatinny. Equipped with our improved Smooth-Cam QD system for ultra fast detach. Locks onto the rail and cannot be knocked off by accident, guaranteed. 

    Accessories (sold separately)

    • Spike Feet
    • 50mm Leg Extensions


    Lifetime on defects.