• Spypoint Motion Detector


    Product Description

    Spypoint Wireless Motion Detectors give you the ability to build a network that alerts you to movement in a designated area. This wireless motion detection system comprises a Receiver and Detector with the option of adding up to three additional Detectors (Product code SP-WRL-B) to each receiver. The Receiver itself has four blue LEDs positioned N/E/S/W that will flash when the Detector linked to the respective direction has been triggered by something.

    It will also vibrate and let out an audible tone (via headphones/external speaker) to alert you when this happens. It has four switchable channels allowing up to four Receivers and sixteen Detectors to be used in close proximity. The Detector is fitted with a belt clip for secure attachment to your person.

    The maximum wireless transmission range of the WRL Motion Detector is 300 metres. It is water resistant and shock resistant and you can control the detection sensitivity. It runs off of a 9 volt battery (not included) which has a life of 30 days in constant use. A low battery indicator lets you know when the battery needs changing. An adjustable mounting arm is included with this product. The Detector will pick up a deer at 2-15m and a fox at 2-10m.


    115x64x72 mm




    1 x 9V PP3