• Spypoint Cell Link


    Product Description

    The CELL-LINK converts non-cellular trail cameras into full-fledge cellular trail cameras.

    All captured photographs will be instantly transmitted via LTE (Long Term Evolution) (10x faster than 3G or 4G) straight to your smartphone or tablet with the aid of the Spypoint app, removing the need to physically retrieve the cameras micro-SD card. The free Spypoint app allows you to access your photos and check/ change your cameras settings from anywhere in the world, giving you ease of mind and saving you time.

    The Spypoint app also gives the user access to revolutionary new tools such as specialised recognition software for sorting and identifying animals and objects within photographs for faster viewing and cataloguing.

    Please take a look at the installtion guide videos




    • Converts non-cellular trail cameras into full-fledge cellular trail cameras
    • Sends captured photo wirelessly
    • Uses LTE for Data transmission
    • Includes pre-activated SIM card
    • Utilises a micro-SD card (not included)
    • Compact size
    • Multiple power options available


    Cellular/ Wireless

    • LTE Network
    • Includes pre-activated SIM card
    • Fully configurable via the Spypoint App


    • Requires a micro-SD card (not included) up to 32GB
    • 8x Alkaline AA batteries (not included)
    • LIT-10 Battery pack (not included)
    • DC 12V input


    • 2 Year warranty