• Spartan Quick Fit Adapter

    £75.00 £35.00

    Our latest adapter, made of 7075 Alloy, can be fitted to most rifle platforms with an under stock sling swivel stud in under 2 minutes. This makes it ideal for the hunter that does not want to alter their rifle. The Adapter takes both our Javelin, Spartan 300 Bipods and Sentinel Tripod unit. Provided with 3 different profile gaskets to accommodate most rifle platforms.


    • Easily fitted.
    • Fitment does not alter the rifle.
    • Accommodates the whole Spartan Product range.
    • The Javelin can now be fitted in Target Mode as well as Hunting mode.
    • These adapters can be fitted to all your rifles.
    • Made of 7075 Alloy.