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    DDoptics hunting rangefinder RF 1200 PRO

    The new RF 1200 PRO rangefinder from DDoptics not only offers a new ergonomic design, but also improved technical features. So the LED display has been completely redesigned. The measured data are now displayed with reduced emission and in red centrally in the optics. Together with the new automatic brightness control of the display, this always allows a better and glare-free reading of the values ​​- even at night.

    In addition to the improved LED display, some new operating modes have also been added. In addition to the familiar modes - NORMAL MODE and FOG / RAIN MODE modes for calculating the ballistic trajectory, determining the horizontal distance and calculating the height of objects and an improved GOLF MODE have now been integrated. The results are displayed in meters or yards.

    Despite the new features, the weight only moved slightly upwards with 155g and the dimensions are only slightly larger than with the RF 1200 mini. The scope of supply includes not only a bag but also a retaining loop with integrated battery compartment opener. 

    The RF 1200 PRO rangefinder has 6 operating modes, which can be selected by pressing the "MODE" button. 
    1. NORMAL MODE : No additional icon appears on the screen. Only the measured distance to the targeted object is displayed. 
    2. GOLF / TARGET MODE: Hold down the "MODE" button and aim the RF 1200 PRO at the flag or target. The RF 1200 PRO will automatically detect the different object and save the distance in the display. 
    3. BALLISTICS MODE : Here, first the distance and the angle are measured and from this the actual trajectory is calculated. This is a useful feature for shooters but also for golfers and archers. 
    4. HORIZONTAL DISTANCE: In this mode, the horizontal distance to an object is taken into account with the help of the angle, this function can also be useful for archers, for example. 
    5. VERTICAL HEIGHT : In this mode the height of objects can be calculated. To do this, first measure the distance to the top edge and the angle (press the "MODE button" once and subsequently, the lower edge is again notified (pressing the "MODE button" again) .The height of the respective object then appears in the display 
    . FOG / RAY MODE : In this mode measurements can be taken in bad weather over 30 m.

    Information on electrical and electronic equipment
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    1. Notes on the disposal of electrical and electronic 
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    Technical details

    mass 155 g
    enlargement 6x
    Lens Ø in mm 21
    Exit pupil Ø in mm 3.5
    Field of view 1000m 126
    Field of view 1094yd No
    Angle of view (°) No
    eyecups polycarbonates
    Prismenart Schmidt Pechan
    Prisms mirroring Phase Coating
    lens coating FMC H7
    Rain Defender No
    Eyepiece: lenses / groups No information
    Lens: lenses / groups No information
    housing material polycarbonate
    body reinforcement rubber
    Eyepoint eyepiece in mm 16
    Eyeglass wearer eyepiece No
    Close-up setting off 5 m
    diopter adjustment center
    diopter compensation +/- 3
    luminous intensity No information
    Daemmerungszahl No information
    nitrogen filling No
    Waterproof (depth / min) Sprizwassergeschützt
    Dimensions h / b / d in mm 70/33/105