• Pulsar Digex N450


    The new Digex N450 is a digital night vision riflescope in familiar dayscope format. The alloy housing is lightweight, yet rugged and houses a highly sensitive 1280x720 HD CMOS sensor for a precise image and detail rendering, as well as a HD display, selection of brightness and contrast settings, quality optics and a powerful built-in IR.

    The Digex N450, is fully compatible with Stream Vision and has an integrated video recorder with sound that can be transferred to a PC, laptop or smartphone via Wi-Fi or cables.

    The SumLight software offers flawless passive-mode performance in deep twilight, as well as dark nights, without the use of the IR Illuminator.

    The removable 850nm eye-safe IR Illuminator can be powered by an independent APS2 battery pack, that is focusable, has adjustable power and can be aligned.

    The Digex Mounts using standard 30mm scope rings, which allows it to be easily mounted on to various types of hunting rifles using proven solutions.

    The Digex N450 is powered with two rechargeable batteries: one built-in APS3 Battery and the other (3200 mAh) replaceable APS2 Battery. When the replaceable battery is empty, the internal APS3 Battery automatically takes over. The replaceable battery can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds and the riflescope will switch to the replaceable battery without shutting down.

    In brief the Digex Series Features:

    • HD CMOS Sensor
    • Removable eye-safe 850nm IR illuminator with independent APS2 battery
    • -25°C to 50°C Operating temperature
    • Mounts using standard 30mm scope rings
    • 5 Zeroing profiles (50 distances)
    • One-Shot zeroing
    • 16GB Internal Memory
    • Picture-in-Picture mode
    • 3-Axis gyroscope & accelerometer
    • 50mm Eye-Relief
    • Dual battery system – Built-In APS3 battery & a quick-change rechargeable APS2 battery
    • Comes with 3x APS2 batteries and charger
    • Stream Vision compatible
    • 10 Reticles (9 Colours)
    • Three Scalable ballistic reticles
    • Instant start-up
    • Stadiametric rangefinder
    • IPX7 Waterproof
    • Built-In photo & video recorder (with sound)
    • Metal Body
    • Recoil rated up to .375 cal.
    • Side incline indication (Cant)
    • One shot zeroing function
    • ' Freeze Zeroing ' function
    • Precise ' Zoom zeroing ' function
    • SumLight
    • Wide-angle eyepiece with removable Eye Cup with Magnet Ring
    • Mounts using standard 30mm day scope rings
    • Automatic shutdown (customisable time)