GECO 6-24x50


The specialist for long distances. Its high magnification is perfect for accurate shooting at long distances. This is supported by the GECOTR1 reticle and the high optical performance allows the recognition of even the finest details at long distances.


The 4x zoom rifle scopes with a central tube diameter of 30 mm stand out for their optimized zoom factor and thus increased flexibility and versatility without sacrificing their high optical performance. 


    Diameter (mm) 30
    Length (mm) 362
    Weight (g) 750
    Field ov view (m/100) 5,6-1,5
    Reticle GECO TR1


    A B C D E F G H I
    mm 391,0 164,5 67,3 54,8 58,0 42,6 30,0 140,5 86,0
    inch 15.39 6.48 2.65 2.16 2.28 1.68 1.18 5.53 3.39