• Classic Brass Gunsmith Adapter


    A new solution for customers using the Javelin, Kapita and Sentinel (Not compatible with the Spartan 300).
    This beautiful brass adapter is designed to be bonded into high quality wooden and synthetic stocks,  providing the ultimate synergy between the Spartan system and your rifle for a discerning appearance. The brass adapter can be further reworked by skilled gunsmiths for a  bespoke finish.

    • Intended to fit the  'Javelin' and 'Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripod systems.
    • CNC machined from brass alloy 
    • Weighs ( 23g / 0.8ozs)
    • Provides a permanent & discreet  bipod / tripod fitting option fitting option.
    • Suitable for second rear located adapter fitting for tripod use
    • The 'Javelin' bipod can be fitted & used a fixed 'Target' mode as well as as the traversable 'Hunting' mode